Why choose e-MPS & Linnworks

Without a well-managed order management system, selling online can be very challenging and time-consuming.

Each marketplace & website platform has very different ways of presenting orders, adding & adjusting stock levels, dispatching orders and how to list on their platforms.

Performing all these tasks on each channel can get a little messy and confusing, which can also lead to errors being made.



This is where e-MPS & Linnworks come into play.

Linnworks Order Management System, managed by e-MPS is able to automate & manage each task, from creating listings all the way through to when the order is processed, all in one, easy-to-use platform.

This eliminates the need to log in to each selling channel to retrieve orders, update your stock levels and list items, saving you valuable time which could be spent growing your business in other areas or just giving you more free time


Not only will we add your items to the inventory, but Linnworks also gives us the ability to add as much information about each item as you wish, this includes images. By e-MPS adding as much information as possible on each item, will give us the opportunity to list your items quickly & efficiently onto existing and new selling channels using the product information now stored in your inventory, reducing the need to input the same product information each time you list on a different selling channel. Once we have added your items to the inventory, Linnworks will manage your stock levels across your entire selling channels, preventing you from over or underselling by updating your stock levels in real-time.



In the same way that you will no longer need to log in to each selling channel to process your orders, you will no longer need to log in to each courier company to allocate shipping services and print labels, as we will integrate this into Linnworks, allowing you to print shipping labels directly from the system.

Integrating your selling channels will be done by using the "add new channel wizard". Once your channels have been added, and we have linked your channel items to your Linnworks inventory items, Linnworks will automatically download orders, update your stock levels on each channel & once the order has been processed through the system, send a dispatch notification to each channel which in turn will mark the order as being dispatched, this eliminates late dispatch orders on your selling channels. On some of the supported channels, tracking numbers will automatically be added.

Selecting the correct shipping service can also be automated by e-MPS applying your shipping rules to the Rules Engine section within Linnworks. Once orders come into Linnworks, it passes through the rule engine and allocates a shipping service based on the rules that you have set



Linnworks also gives you the ability to export many pre-set or e-MPS customised reports to enable you to take snapshots of various parts of your business, helping you to make more calculated decisions.

Linnworks provides users with the ability to modify and add functions to their system, this gives us the flexibility to customise or add functionalities to the system to suit the needs of your business.

Let us make Linnworks the hardest and best member of staff within your business.