Supplier’s & Drop Shipper’s Product Feeds

We maximise you’re selling potential by having a direct product feed with either your suppliers or drop shippers. Having feeds are the easiest, quickest, and most fantastic way to keep stock levels with your suppliers & drop shippers right up to date in real time.

As you’re Suppliers or drop shippers update their stock levels, your stock levels are automatically updated in minutes, avoiding you over or underselling, but best of all it enables you to have your items up and selling before the competition.

Fulfilling Drop Shipping Orders Made Easy

Not only will we make your drop shipper’s stock feed fully automated, but so will all your drop shipping orders. For the example below, let’s say that all orders received by your drop shipper by 2 pm will be sent the same day.

  1. Orders will come into Linnworks as normal.
  2. We will Schedule all drop shipping orders to be sent to the drop shipper by 1.45 pm to be processed.
  3. Once the drop shipper has processed the order and the tracking number has been sent to you, that order will automatically be processed in Linnworks and in turn marked as dispatched on your website or marketplaces with the tracking number also being submitted.

That’s drop shipping without the hassle. Now, how easy is that!