Linnworks Setup

Get most things right first time, by allowing us to take away the stress of setting up and understanding this world-class Order Management System.

With either our “Ready Steady Go Linnworks” setup or our “Complete” setup, we aim to get you using the system within 24 hours.

With our skills & Experience our “Complete” setup will ensure that you get the most out of the system and get to realise the opportunities, a great Linnworks setup opens up for you.

Our setup will put you ahead of many other online sellers that have many years experience, enabling you to become a more professional and efficient eCommerce business overnight.

Together with our setup, you will receive a 14/30 day free support to ensure a smooth and easy running of the system


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Free Trial

This is great try before you buy test drive solution for any eCommerce multi-channel sellers that either already has an order management system but is looking for something more powerful, flexible and up-scalable or for a new seller that has never used an order management system.

Our “Ready Steady Go” free trail will get you up and running within the hour of which we will also offer full phone, Skype or screen sharing support during your trial period. 

This quick simple free trial setup will not only take away the pain of setting the system up and giving you a great feel of what it can do, but it will also allow you to maximise the free trial to explore the many other benefits that Linnworks have to offer.

1.            Up Load Inventory (Basic)

2.            Integrate Selling Channels & Setup

3.            Courier Integration & Shipping Services

4.            Link Selling Channel Items to Your Linnworks Account

eBay Listing Templates

Stand out from the crowd, with fresh modern looking eBay listings. We offer a choice of professional templates that will give your potential customers, trust & confidence in your offers.

Or you can opt for a customised template to either match the look and feel of your website, or to just have one designed to your liking.

Amazon & eBay Store Front

We’re sure that you have heard of the saying, “pictures paint a thousand words” or “first impressions last or count”. Same things apply too when a customer first visits your Amazon or eBay store. So a fresh modern looking storefront goes a long way to creating a great first impression about your business.

Like our eBay templates, we offer a choice of professional storefront designs that will give your potential customers, trust & confidence in your business.

Or you can opt for a customised storefront to either match the look and feel of your website, or to just have one designed to your liking.

Marketplace & Website Listing Setup

Listing in various different marketplaces could not be easier.

This setup will give you the ability to not only choose what item you would like to list but also allow you to list directly from your inventory within the system.

Below is the list of marketplaces that you will be able to list directly to from your inventory

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. BigCommerce
  4. Magento
  5. Magento 2
  6. Shopify
  7. Bluepark

Channel & Website Listing

If you are already an online retailer, you will already know that the most time-consuming job in your business is listing items. Listing items become even harder if you are not already using a flexible and easy to manage listing tool. Because of this, most online retailers opt to sticking to 1 or 2 marketplaces to list their items as anymore becomes very difficult to manage.

Let us take this hassle away and make listing in multiple marketplaces & websites a breeze. This is done by you only having to enter your product’s basic information once. We will then use this information to list your items into as many other marketplaces as you choose, increasing your sales and in turn your profits in no time.

By setting up your items and listing this way, makes managing and bulk editing very quick and easy to do.

Shipping Automation

One of the main ingredients to a successful eCommerce business is time management and to eliminate mistakes that cost money.

One way we can avoid this from happening is to automate your shipping service selection.

How Is This Done

We do this by taking your shipping rules and adding them into the system. Now, once your order comes into the system, it will pass through your shipping rules and allocate your orders to the correct courier company and shipping services, saving you time and money.

On some of the supported selling channels, once the shipping labels have been printed, tracking numbers will automatically be added.

Supplier’s & Drop shipper’s  Product Feeds

Maximise you’re selling potential by having a direct product feed with either your suppliers or drop shippers. Having feeds are the easiest, quickest and fantastic way to keep stock levels with your suppliers & drop shippers right up to date in real-time.

As you’re Suppliers or drop shippers updates their stock levels, your stock levels are automatically updated in minutes, avoiding you over or underselling, but best of all it enables you to have your items up and selling before the competition.

Website Design

We aim to create your website with the look and feel that you desire, while at the same time integrating it with your Linnworks account, making it easy for you to add and manage your items directly from your inventory.

Graphic Design/Image Editing

We realise that most of our customers are great business people that are good at making great decisions and know what is needed to get great results. However, not many of our customers are graphic designers.

Don’t worry, we now got you covered. Simply name your photos, upload them on our site and we will send them back. For product images and Linnworks users, we will go as far as loading them directly into your inventory.

We also offer any other graphic design work at your request

Image SEO

Boost you SEO by adding “alt text” (Also known as “alt description” or “alt tags”). Adding alt text to your images allows search engines to read what the image is about.  Adding alt text has a positive impact on your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is an important consideration for accessibility, so visitors with visual impairment know what it is. Google and other search engines love alt text, paying a lot of attention to them so to fully understand your content.

Automate the way alt text are added to your images with our “Image SEO” service

*for Linnworks users only

Linnworks Management

We were there at the beginning when Linnworks was only a 2 man band. As the Linnworks systems grew from a very basic Inventory Management System into the world class Order Managements System it is today that boast over 4,000 users worldwide and growing, we were there along their side. So it is fair to say that we really know what we are doing and how to get the most out of the system.

Not only do we make sure that you get off to a flying start with our “Complete” setup, but we will also make sure that we keep your system running smoothly and efficiently with one of our “Linnworks Management” Package. Using our “Linnworks Management” services will ensure that you are getting the most out of the system. With the correct management of your system, expanding into new marketplaces and countries can be achieved with little to no extra work apart from more orders to ship.

With both management packages, you will receive full support, via phone, Skype or screen sharing, making solving issues quick and simple.

Linnworks when managed correctly has been designed to take most of the work load allowing you to focus on other areas of your business or personal life, so let us make Linnworks work for you.

Services Standard Advance
“Linnworks Complete” Setup Yes Yes
Warehouse Transfer Yes Yes
Purchase Orders Yes Yes
Stock In Yes Yes
Scrap Items Yes Yes
Variations Yes Yes
Categories Yes Yes
Locations Yes Yes
Suppliers Yes Yes
Open Orders Yes Yes
Processed Orders Yes Yes
Despatch Console Yes Yes
Returns & Refunds Yes Yes
Rules Engine Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes
Shipping Manifests Yes Yes
Filed Manifest Yes Yes
Postal Services Yes Yes
Packaging Group Yes Yes
ShipStation Yes Yes
Primary Dashboard Yes Yes
Financial Summary Yes Yes
Stock Item History Yes Yes
Stock Consumption Yes Yes
Inventory Dashboard Yes Yes
Order dashboard Yes Yes
Query Data Yes Yes
Pivotal Analytics Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes Yes
Sent Mail Yes Yes
General Settings Yes Yes
User Management Yes Yes
Channel Integration Yes Yes
Extract Inventory Yes Yes
Template designer Predefined Templates Only Yes
Automation Logs Yes Yes
Countries Yes Yes
eBay Configurators Excluding Listing templates Yes
Magento Configurators Excluding Listing templates Yes
BigCommerce Configurators Excluding Listing templates Yes
Amazon Configurators Excluding Listing templates Yes
Import Data Excluding Scripts Yes
Export Data Excluding Scripts Yes
Marketplace & Website Listing Setup Yes (whats the diff between this and configs) Yes
Supplier Product Feeds Yes Yes
Listing Templates No Yes
Store Front Templates No Yes
Scripting No Yes
Channel & Website Listings No Yes
Banners No Yes
Image Editing No Yes
Website Design No Yes


If you have a shoes shop on the high street with a large footfall, would you put 1 pair of shoes in your window display and hide the rest in your locked storage room or would you display the in the best way possible so that customers can see what you have on offer. A silly question right. But so many online retailers hide their products away, close their eyes and just hope that the customer breaks open their storage room to see what else is on offer.

eCommerce is a very competitive business, so when you get a customer visiting your store, whether via Amazon, eBay or your website, it is important in the little time you have, to let them know what other items or services you have on offer. One of the best ways of achieving this is by Banners.

Banners are a great way to generate traffic to your store by advertising what your store is about and what you have on offer. Use banners to run promotions, new arrivals and occasions like Christmas, Mother’s/Farther’s Day, Halloween, Easter etc. Promoting things like Free Post and last Christmas Shipping Dates are also a great way to use banners.

Choose a banner package to suit your business. This allows you to regularly update your banner throughout the year to suit a number of different occasions

  • Banner (3 Pack)
  • Banner (6 Pack)
  • Banner (9 Pack)
  • Banner (12 Pack)
  • Banner (20 Pack)

*Please note that unused banner package expires after 12 months