Advantages of Multi-Marketplace Listing

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Part 1

Increased Online Sales in a Crisis

In the time of COVID19 and the tragedies it has brought both to our personal lives and the economy. It’s effects have change all our lives and changed the way we do things. To add to this we have BREXIT to add more complications, as if we needed it. The one accelerated change that has happen is the increase in online shopping. Amazon and ASOS shares have gone through the roof. If you have an online presence a website or sell on eBay and Amazon for example you would have seen an increase in sales.These are the most common marketplaces retailers tend to gravitate to and stick with mainly because they are the most common and listing items elsewhere can be challenging. Multichannel marketplace listing software can be the answer.

Benefits of Multichannel Listing

Listing on multiple marketplaces is not be as daunting as it may appear. Using multichannel listing management software you can list your products expanding and maximising your reach in other countries and UK alternative marketplaces. Increasing sales and growth.

With your own website you would have to market extensively to attract new customers. They would mainly come from your own country. However if you we able to list in the main marketplace in Poland for example, automatically you have a new audience and less competition with products that may not be readily available in their own country at a reasonable price. All the marketing is done for you by that particular marketplace and is trusted by the population.

One way to grow and scale your business is to list on some of these marketplaces. Thereby you can list your entire inventory or strategically list products that may be suitable for certain marketplaces and countries. As a result you are not reliant on the UK market or on one or two marketplaces for sales.  New markets are a good way of increasing profits and increasing visibility of your brand.

Believe me there is more to online retail than listing on Amazon. There is healthy competition in other countries and in some they are the more dominant e-retail marketplaces.

Order Management

A robust and flexible multi-channel listing management software solution is a great way to easily connect and automate daily operations. It will reduce the number of manual repetitive actions required to manage inventory. As well as process sales across multiple channels and fulfil orders. The majority of ecommerce retailers, if they are using an order management system at all. Only use the basic functionalities, mainly printing shipping labels, managing inventories and processing orders. Although they understand the importance of listing. They see it as too difficult and time consuming therefore stick to the tried and tested Amazon, eBay, Onbuy and maybe a niche marketplace such as Etsy and their own Shopify website.

If used and set up correctly an order management system will allow you to list and sell on multiple marketplace channels and simplify all the processes that you perform on a daily basis. Helping you to sell more with no much less effort while reducing costs. Importantly if your business has unique requirements some order management systems allow you to customise it to fit your requirements.

Please a see list of marketplaces available. Part 2

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