Marketplaces & Website Product Listing

If you are already an online retailer, you will already know that the most time-consuming job in your business is listing items. Listing items become even harder if you are not already using a flexible and easy-to-manage listing tool. Because of this, most online retailers opt to stick to 1 or 2 marketplaces to list their items as anymore becomes very difficult to manage.

Let us take this hassle away and make the task of listing in multiple marketplaces & websites a breeze. This is done by us using the product information that will be stored in Linnworks to list all your items in as many other marketplaces as you choose, increasing your sales and in turn your profits. This is all done professionally, in bulk, with quality product data, and without the need to log in to each marketplace.

To crown it all off, Keeping within eBay’s policies on what is allowed when developing your eBay product page, we will design your page to have a similar look and feel to that of your website.

Below are the marketplace & website platforms that we bulk list in.

*Note* If a marketplace or website platform is not listed below, don’t worry as we can create and add it 😊

Multichannel Bulk Listing