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If you are in the fortunate position of seeing your online sales grow in the period during the pandemic, it is important to retain high standards of the customer experience.  Some online retailers saw massive growth during the full lockdown but a lot of the growth was due to the customer having limited choice and because online retailers many of whom would have introduced PPE equipment and other such rare items into their inventory. As full lockdown for most is no longer in place, some retails would have seen a decrease in sales but still up on the year before at the same period. This should continue if you can take advantage, trends show this was happening any way. One reason for the increase is that over 50s who were sceptical and not confident with online purchases in the past have now in most part embraced online shopping.

The question is now how do you maintain and increase growth. The easiest step is to introduce your products by listing in new marketplaces. But this can be dangerous if you have not got the capacity or the system in place.  Maintaining good customer experience is key, even if you are selling via marketplaces. Not being able to handle an increase in sales may harm the customer experience.

What a customer wants is as little fuss as possible to order and to receive the item in as quick and convenient as they would like. So to achieve this you have to make sure you have a quick dispatch time that it is accurate and the customer has a variety of courier services and delivery options that are flexible to suit their lifestyles, such as next day delivery, click & collect or if possible same day delivery. Customers will willingly pay extra for a speedier delivery or a delivery that is convenient for them.  You want to ensure as much as possible that the customer receives the item in the time expected or going beyond this and delivering sooner than expected or at a time that is convenient to them. State of Ecommerce survey found 96% of customers would shop with retailer again if they had a good delivery experience and 45% said they would not shop again if delivery experience was poor. Just as important is to communicate early with the customer and keep them informed at all key stages of the order and delivery. Also to respond to all queries correspondences regarding the order in a timely manner, same day or within 24hrs.

This will help to attract and maybe more important retain customs along with a good breadth of products being consistent and reliable all lead to higher conversion fewer abandoned carts/baskets.

A good order management system will unify all the ecommerce processes saving you time to innovate by bundling products, offering gift wrap services for example and focus on selling and finding new products.

The advantages of a good order management system for providing good customer service in short are as follows:

Speed– dispatch time, accuracy, courier service, delivery options, ( i.e click & collect, next day , same day, lifestyle etc. )

Customer Experience– timely receipt, going beyond expectation ( quick, flexible, delivery ),keep  informed, easy order, communicate early and when required do not spam customers, respond to queries in a timely manner ( same day or within 24hrs )

Innovation– bundle orders, gift services, offers, focus on selling

Loyalty– repeat customers, wide range inventory, product availability , consistency, reliable, higher conversion less abandon carts Transparent- regular updates, all processes and parts of journey

Value for money– for both item and delivery, offer free delivery wherever and whenever you can, provide variety of delivery service for customer convenience.

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