If you have a shoe shop on the high street with a large footfall, would you put 1 pair of shoe in your window display and hide the rest in your locked storage room or would you display them in the best way possible so that customers can see what you have on offer. A silly question right. But so many online retailers hide their products away, close their eyes and just hope that the customer breaks open their storage room to see what else is on offer.

eCommerce is a very competitive business, so when you get a customer visiting your store, whether via Amazon, eBay or your website, it is important in the little time you have, to let them know what other items or services you have on offer. One of the best ways of achieving this is by Banners.

Banners are a great way to generate traffic to your store by advertising what your store is about and what you have on offer. Use banners to run promotions, new arrivals and occasions like Christmas, Mother’s/Farther’s Day, Halloween, Easter etc. Promoting things like Free Post and last Christmas Shipping Dates are also a great way to use banners.

Choose a banner package to suit your business. This allows you to regularly update your banner throughout the year to suit a number of different occasions

  • Banner (3 Pack)
  • Banner (6 Pack)
  • Banner (9 Pack)
  • Banner (12 Pack)
  • Banner (20 Pack)

*Please note that unused banner package expires after 12 months